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Production Item

Product information in more detail, can be obtained upon request – adp@adpgroup.com

Our pre-designed modular production scale product range consists of:

Pre-Treatment Plants

These scrubber screen pre-treatment combinations are developed to treat alluvial gravels but may also be used for other minerals scrubbing requirements. The MB classification denotes the nominal plant capacity but this may vary based on an ores scrubbing requirements.

Technical Sheets

  • Technical Sheets – Pre-Treatment Plants MB 70 Skid mounted, MB 70 Trailer mounted, MB 100, MB150, MB 200.

Dense Medium Separator Plants

These compact DMS plants are designed for use by alluvial or kimberlite mid-scale mining operations. The plants are fully preassembled for client inspection before packed for transportation to site.

Technical Sheets

  • Technical Sheets – 15 tph, 30 tph, 50 tph, 65 tph, 100 tph, 150 tph

Final Recovery Plants

These are containerized XRF or XRT based plants sized to suit the client’s sorting requirements, principally based on the installed DMS treatment capacity. The plants are fully preassembled before being very securely packed for transportation to site.

Elution Plant Circuits and Gold Room

The modules are based around in-gauge ISO sized boxes. Each plant is fully trail assembled in a workshop environment and then minimally stripped back for transportation purposes i.e., the boxes are transported with as much equipment as possible remaining installed. This approach ensures that site erection time is kept to a minimum when compared to conventional stick builds on site. The plants can be offered for varying treatment rates and with varying degree of automation so as to fit in with the client’s overall plant control philosophy.

XRT Sorter

ADP has supplied and installed XRT’s from the two major XRT suppliers, being Steinert and Tomra, for ore-sorting and concentrate sorting applications. Additionally, ADP has also supplied and installed both colour and IR type sorters for various clients.