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Bulk Samplings

Product information in more detail, can be obtained upon request – adp@adpgroup.com

Our pre-designed modular production scale product range consists of:

Crushing Module

This two-stage crusher module can work in conjunction with a scrubber to pre-wash material containing any muddy material or clay prior to crushing. If the feed is clean competent rock then this can be fed to this module directly.  The jaw crusher and cone crusher are mounted immediately adjacent to each other above a jet pump sump.

Technical Sheets

  • 5 tph Crushing Modules & 10 tph Crushing Modules

Dense Medium Separator

These compact DMS plants are designed for use by alluvial or kimberlite prospection operations or artisanal scale mining operations. 

Technical Sheets

  • 5 tph, 10 tph, 15 tph

Crushing, Milling and Concentrating

These plants combine small scale crushers and mills with concentrators such as jigs or centrifugal concentrators and tables which are suitable for prospection operations or artisanal scale mining operations. 

Technical Sheets

  • 2.5 tph Gold Processing Plant, 2.5 tph hard rock-crushing / milling, 15 tph gravity Gold Recovery Plant

Pre-Treatment Plants

These robustly built pre-treatment plants are suitable for alluvial and hard rock scrubbing and are sized to suit small scale mining or bulk sampling type of operations. The unit can be either trailer or skid mounted. 

Technical Sheets

  • MB 20, MB 40

Bulk Sampling Plants

Diamond bulk sampling plants incorporating scrubbing, crushing, DMS and XRF final recovery have been supplied to clients in Angola, Botswana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.