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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We are committed to contributing to the communities in which we live and work, creating meaningful change and a positive legacy.

Our community engagement strategy extends across our operations, whether it’s working with our clients to build relationships with the communities in which our projects are delivered, supporting life-changing charities and education programmes, or partnering with our staff on initiatives that are close to their own hearts.

Internship case studies

ADP regularly hosts scholars and tertiary students at our Cape Town office. ADP is implementing a graduate programme which will attract engineers who can join us on graduation, boosting our resourcing and succession planning.

Joshwill Mhangwana, a grade 11 student at Fairmont High School, was considering mechanical engineering as his future career path. To support his decision-making process, he sought to gain insight of the responsibilities, expectations and tasks that a mechanical engineer would deal with daily. His assignment was to observe and document (film / notes) the workplace, the workers usual schedule and have a discussion on possible projects in development.

Joshwill arrived at the ADP offices in Golf Park, Cape Town in June 2022. Post the visit, ADP received a note of appreciation.