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Quality Control and Warehousing

Engineering Studies

With wide-ranging capabilities and a depth of expertise in a multi-disciplinary team, our engineering group is focused on converting concepts into reality, while having a constructability, operability, and maintainability mindset.


Process Development & Optimisation

Our team has a wide range of experience to determine viability and develop recovery processes for precious and base metals and diamonds, to battery and industrial minerals.


Project Management

Project management, construction management, HSEC, human resources and industrial relations, plant commissioning, operator training.


Project Delivery Fundamentals

  • Efficient and high performing personnel.
  • Proactive, not reactive.
  • Strive for zero harm.
  • Leave a positive cultural and environmental legacy.

Project Assessment – Studies

  • Core part of our business.
  • Usually ‘lead consultant’ coordinating other inputs.
  • Core team takes a holistic view of project development.
  • Responsive to clients’ needs.

Project Assessment and Planning

  • Process Engineering – In support of flowsheet development and optimisation.
  • Engineering – Multi-disciplinary engineering to support the appropriate level of engineering to form the basis of the scoping, costing, and planning of selected technical solutions.
VIP Service

Project Delivery Models

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management – Engineering and project delivery services under fixed price, reimbursable and incentivised models.
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction – Delivery of projects with ADP as stand-alone EPC contractor, lump sum, D&C approach including supply and install for all equipment and materials.
VIP Service

Construction Management

In remote locations with harsh climates, diverse cultures and languages, our projects throughout Africa and around the world, each present unique challenges. The plans, procedures and best-practice principles we follow are fine-tuned to each project.

Quality Control and Warehousing

Commisioning and Operating Support

With clear and concise project controls systems and processes, we deliver on time, to specification and on budget.  Delivering a complex minerals project always demands focus on the logistical challenges.


Performance Assessment and Improvements

As each project moves to completion, handover commences with a systematic, step-by-step approach to start-up.  Focusing on operational systems, our projects transition seamlessly from construction into pre-operational testing and on to full operations.


Data Driven Decision Making

Improved data collection, collation and interpretation for the purpose of informing better decision making, includes but not limited to:

Procurement, capital and operating cost estimating, scheduling, cost control, quality assurance, inspection and expediting, materials management.

Economic Sector

Business Digitization

We are continuing to develop and expand our digitization and dynamic simulation capabilities, providing this expertise to our clients, as appropriate, to provide them with an array of project whole-of-life benefits that will ultimately lead to better designs and more efficient plant operations.


Advanced 3D / 4D

Key strategies include upgrading our management systems (change and cost), 4-D planning to support the business units, and progressing various in-house ‘developmental’ initiatives.