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Product information in more detail, can be obtained upon request – adp@adpgroup.com

Our pre-designed modular production scale product range consists of:


The containers are modelled on a standard 6 or 12m shipping container and can be configured to suit the client’s specific needs but generally comes fitted with roof vents and side louvres, windows and lockable doors as may be required.  

Technical Sheets

  •  Office and/or Workshop, Ablution

Degrit Modules

Combining the well-known technologies of cyclone classification and inclined dewatering screens to treat client’s effluent streams, modules are designed to the suit the client’s specific needs as dictated by material psd’s and effluent flow rates, to maximize solids and water recovery.

    Sizing Modules

    Where down stream concentration or sorting processes require a feed to be sized into various sized fractions, ADP uses the appropriate screening technology and surge capacity to suit the client specific requirements.

    Jet Pumps

    ADP has its own range of hopper type central jet pumps ranging from 36 to 80mm which are either machined case hardened or high chrome castings. These are ideal for secure concentrate transfers between unit processes or wet gravel transfers in general. Additionally, we have a range of annular type jet pumps from 75 to 250mm.