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Sustainable Development

Our approach to sustainability is found in the solutions we provide for our clients, spanning the entire project lifecycle, from design and construction to operations and maintenance.

Our strategic partnerships also demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development and our desire to play a meaningful role in the decarbonisation transition as we collectively work towards the goal of net zero by 2050.

Dry Mining Unit (DMU) – Innovative Modular Solution

The Dry Mining Unit (DMU) represents the radical marriage of underwater track crawler technology with high-capacity skid-mounted materials handling and sand pumping systems, into a single remotely controlled mobile sand processing machine.

The unit allows for large tonnage run-of-mine (ROM) material to be efficiently pumped at high densities to processing facilities, reducing tramming distance and therefore decreasing the use of front-end loaders (FELs), excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s) and consequently the consumption of diesel fuel on site.

ATA™ Technology – Repurposing Waste

ADP has designed and constructed a unit to implement ATA™ technology on a mine site. Developed by Soane Energy, ATA™ comprises three basic components – an Activator polymer, a Tether polymer, and an Anchor particle – to convert mineral waste slurry into two discrete products, being a dewatered solid that possesses sufficient mechanical integrity for landfill, construction and / or reclamation, and a clean water stream that can be immediately reused on site. Maximally recycling the clean water significantly reduces the need for fresh raw water.​

Digital Twin, Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology

ADP is deeply engaged in brownfield optimisation work and greenfield plant design using advanced digital technology and engineering for process simulation and control.

Working collaboratively with two Tier 1 clients, we are jointly developing connected digital twins as well as dynamic simulations using leading-edge integration software and specialist proprietary applications (apps) tailored to specific minerals of interest.