Iron-Ore Process Plant (DFS) – Dordabis

Site: Greenfields



Unit Process



The Dordabis Mine is located approximately 63 kilometres south-ears of Windhoek. ADP Namibia completed a definitive feasibility study of a process plant which receives feed 1.65 MTPA ROM fed from an open pit mine to produce an Iron Ore concentrate as a final product. We completed the study including our inputs into the client report in 6 months.

The following services and/or deliverables were provided within the battery limit during the BFS:

Project Management –
Included the management and coordination of all activities comprising the allocation of resources, the management of resources and deliverables, internal quality assurance, cost management, document control, and the facilitation of any necessary communications as set out by the scope of work. Preparation of project execution plan (PEP) for the implementation phase of the project. Preparation of a detailed schedule and project execution plan for the implementation of the Project.

Engineering Design –
Metallurgical process, structural, mechanical, plate work and piping, civil / structural, bulk earthworks and infrastructure, electrical and control & instrumentation.

Estimating –
Preparation of a capital cost estimate for the Process Plant and Infrastructure within the Battery Limits, to an accuracy range of -10 to 15% to at least 80% confidence level. Determination of appropriate cost and schedule contingencies for the Project, to be developed using a formal process resulting in a Monte Carlo analysis with estimated ranges and confidence levels being assigned to the outputs. Preparation of operating cost estimates to ±10% accuracy range, based on calculated or estimated power, reagent, consumable, and services quantities; current unit costs; labor complements following typical Namibian HR policies, salary and burden information and typical plant operating structures.

Study Report –
Completion of process plant design report and contributions to the metallurgical and estimating chapters of the final project DFS report.

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