Surface Miner Project – Southern Coastal

Site: Brownfields



Unit Process


ADP undertook to provide the overall management of the project, supervision and integration of the test work within the Southern Coastal mining operations.

The work formed part of an extended Concept Study which was executed according to Anglo ICBS.

The surface miner project started with a pilot phase in 2019 whereby the objective was to test and prove the success of the new technology in different mining areas inside Southern Coast Mines.

The scope included the successful procurement of a suitable surface miner machine on a rental basis as well as the procurement of related support services and overall management, supervision and integration of the surface miner pilot test work.

The pilot test was concluded, and the successful results lead to the purchase of the first surface miner machine in 2020/21.

2021 / 2022 the machine was integrated into the Namdeb operations.

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