Overall equipment effectiveness rapid response programme – Venetia

Type of Landscape: Brownfields


The Kholo RRP team was deployed to Venetia Main Treatment Plant in August 2022.

The objective of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rapid response programme was to reduce the D100 and D300 type delays without adversely affecting the diamond value management and safety requirements of the Venetia Mine.

It is likely that the safety and diamond value management (DVM) performance of Venetia improves when pursuing an OEE improvement programme.

Variability in reduction assists in achieving OEE and DVM objectives.

D100 refers to unscheduled maintenance downtime:- Downtime as a result of maintenance work not included in the confirmed typical weekly maintenance plan.

D300 refers to operational stops:- Operator / operationally induced equipment downtime / process related plant delays.

An extension was granted in March 2023, with a team exit end September 2023.