Modular Tailings Treatment Plant 500 tph & Scrubber Screening Module – Jwaneng

Site: Brownfields and Greenfields

Debswana Diamond Company Ltd, known as Debswana, is located in Botswana and is currently the world’s leading producer of diamonds by value operating four diamond mines in central Botswana. They also operate a coal mine.

In 2009, ADP was commissioned by Debswana for the design of a modular tailings treatment plant with a 2.4 Mtpa name plate capacity for their Jwaneng mine.

The 37 million ton tailings resource is exceptionally high grade, largely because the existing plant was not initially designed to liberate all locked diamonds below the top size of 25 mm.

Concept, feasibility and value engineering studies were conducted by ADP from 2009 until 2011 after which a contract for the detailed design and procurement (EP) were awarded to ADP. The engineering and procurement phases of the project were completed in Q3 2013 and were followed by the construction of the plant. Debswana elected to manage the construction and commissioning of the plant, while ADP provided technical support. The project was commissioned in Q4 2014.

Greenfields – An area designated for the construction of the plant within the mines secure area.
Brownfields – The plant had to interface with mines existing services for water supply and tailings disposal.

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