Final Recovery to suite 100 tph Treatment Plant – Lipari

Site: Greenfields

The DMS concentrates are pumped via jet pump to the dewatering and sizing screen.

The use of a jet pump ensures appropriate security and minimal transport blockage risk.

The dewatered concentrates size fractions report to one of three surge bins.

A tube feeder withdraws size fractions from each bin and delivers these to a bin ahead of the X-Ray machines as required by the operator.

A single size range is treated at a time and can be fed to any of the 3 double stage Flow Sort machines that are installed.

The XRT on this plant is not included within the Recovery but sits independently outside integrated into the crusher circuit for large diamond recovery (LDR).

The X-Ray machine tailings are discharged and can either be recycled for a 2nd pass or fed, via an attritioner to grease tables for which appropriate degreasing equipment has been included.

Concentrate from the grease tables is passed via chute directly down into the picking cabinet.

The X-Ray concentrates discharge via a tube feeder, onto the dewatering section of a dewatering Infra- red drier.
The drier discharges each size fraction into a surge hopper.

A small pan feeder withdraws the concentrate from each and discharges onto two small picking belts within the twin glove boxes.

Diamonds are picked off and discharged into open containers, which will be transferred to the evaluation glove box.
The picking tailings discharge into a vacuum system which recycles them to the sizing screen.

Any spillage is collected and pumped up to the DMS preparation screen thereby ensuring no risk of diamond loss and no manhandling of spillage.

Sub-Note: In addition to the XRF/grease based Recovery Plant detailed above, an XRT has been retrofitted into the Lipari crusher circuit for large diamond recovery (LDR) ahead of the secondary crushing and DMS in the circuit.

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