Final Recovery (fitted with binder machine technology) for ruby extraction – Montepuez Ruby Mine

Site: Brownfields


Unit Process



The final recovery was designed to incorporate Binder Machine (UV-sorting) technology to recover rubies from DMS concentrate that was produced from processing both primary and secondary alluvial ore bodies.

Concentrate emanating from the DMS cyclone spigot (sinks) is jet pumped to the final recovery sizing screen. The sizing module produces three size fractions that is stored in separate bins before processing. The three size fractions are simultaneously (at different feed rates) jet pumped up to the 4th floor to be processed in parallel.

After the concentrate streams passed over a drain screen, the material is dried by means of infrared driers ahead of the Binder sorting machines. The coarse, mids and fines are treated through dedicated streams running through to Binder units that are pre setup with the appropriate algorithm for each size fraction. Concentrate is accumulated in hoppers fitted with tube feeders ahead of the glove boxes where final picking takes place.

The entire process flow is controlled from a central SCADA system with a workstation located in the main control room on the 2nd floor in the process plant. Climate control for the recovery building as a whole is carefully controlled via a central HVAC system.

This process plant was designed to fit into 36-modules all of which have the same outer dimensions and this being the same as a standard 6m high cube container. The various modules are fitted with 60mm thick fire-resistant insulation panels. This enables the end user to remove a wall should major maintenance be required.

The main Sort House complete with glove boxes and grading area is situated below the process plant modules inside a concrete reinforced bunker. Natural light for grading purposes is let into the grading area and sort house through a wall of low iron glass to assist with the grading process.

The personnel control center (PCC) is fitted with a dirty and clean change rooms as it also serves as the main entrance to the wash plant area. The change house also includes two laundries fully equipped with washing and tumble dryer machines. The two locker rooms are also equipped with ample lockers and dedicated bathrooms.

The recovery ground floor is fitted with three search channels with 6 holding rooms as well as a personnel X-Scan and baggage scanner. The plant is fully equipped biometrics access control and CCTV monitoring that is controlled from the central security office situated in the PCC building.

Personnel working in the red area of the recovery building also have access to a fully equipped canteen and bathroom facilities.

Project milestones:
From order to delivery: 15-months,
Bespoke boxed structure and trail assembled in South Africa 3-months,
Earthworks, building and building services 6-months,
Process plant – from delivery to commissioning 3.5 months,
civils footprint +/- 1000m2,
Steel tonnage +/- 170t,
Installed Power 1100kw.

Preceding project work for MRM includes build and supply of: MB 200, reused log washer, 100 tph DMS, Degrit and thickening.

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