ATA Pilot Plant (No. 2 Plant) – Orapa

Site: Greenfields


Unit Process


The Soane ATA™ Tailings Treatment technology converts mineral waste slurry into two discrete products, a dewatered solid that possesses sufficient mechanical integrity for landfill, construction, and/or reclamation; and a clean water stream that can be immediately reused on-site. Recycling the clean water produced by the ATA process can significantly decrease the need for freshwater intake.

The ATA pilot plant receives slimes online and measures and test all process variables as the sample is treated using the ATA process. The pilot plant is designed to cater for a wide range of feed geologies and also simulates various types of processes that will be used in the full-scale plant.

The plant is containerized and designed to be easily relocated for test work at different facilities. The plant is a batch process plant producing 1 ton per hour solids.

Design, supply, install and commission (EPC) – 2019 to 2020 – The ATA Plant was designed, pre-assembled in Cape Town, constructed and commissioned onsite in Orapa in February 2020. ADP Operations Team was deployed to site the end of 2020 which consists of ADP M&M and ADP Kukama employees.

ADP received a separate order to operate the plant for a period – 2020 to 2021. The first test sample were processed February 2021 with subsequent tests measuring key process parameters.

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