Diamond Recovery Plant


ADP Marine and Modular was commissioned by Namdeb for the design and implementation of the RAC project in Oranjemund, Namibia.

Final objective of the facility was to produce an export diamond product from all the Namdeb production sites as well as final sorting and treatment of De Beers Marine Namibia concentrate product.

The Red Area Complex is the culmination of ten-years of effort between Namdeb and its partner ADP incorporating learnings from several earlier diamond recovery projects, resulting in a design that is both fit for purpose and world class with regard to diamond recovery plants.

The existing Recovery and Sorthouse located at #4 Plant within Mining Area 1, was built during the 1950’s and despite several upgrades over the years, was no longer able to perform to specification.

A breakdown of the project objectives are as follows:

  • To provide a Red Area Facility that is able to handle diamondiferous concentrates (recover, sort and despatch) from all the Namdeb production areas for the projected life of mine.
  • Conformance to De Beers Group Diamond Value Management Criteria with regard to “Red Areas”, with particular emphasis on diamond control guidelines and loss prevention. The overall recovery efficiency was required to be increased above that which was historically achieved by Namdeb, across the entire product size range, for all sources.
  • Provide a separate sorting area within the complex for the De Beers Marine final concentrate sorting and diamond preparation.
  • Extension of the land-based resource, by converting currently un-payable mining blocks into payable resource with the associated increase in recovered grades.


Construction began mid 2012 and the plant was commissioned during the first quarter 2014.

ADP was the appointed EPCM contractor and mainly Namibian sub-contractors were used to construct the facility.

Area:       Southern Coastal Mines