Aerial Ropeway System ARS-1

Overview – ADP Marine & Modular designed and built the ARS-1 in 2009 to meet our client’s specific operational requirements.

Breaking waves and rough seas make it difficult and dangerous to access platforms in the surf zone or near shore conditions.  The ARS is man-riding system able to transfer personnel and equipment conveniently and safely from the shore to the offshore platform at a maximum distance of 300m.

The ARS has a beach skid with the tower structure with sheaves and the containers housing the winches, Hydraulic Power Unit, standby Power Unit and Control System.  The beach skid is easily manoeuverable and can be pulled along the beach to the required location.  A support winch is used to control the tension in the support wire, while two travel winches are used to move the carriage.

Movement of the carriage can be controlled either from the beach skid or from the carriage itself.  The chair can be rotated 180° so that it is always facing forward and uses a 5 point safety harness to secure the crew member.  The chair can be removed if equipment is to be transported.

Safety features include load cells in the sheaves and dual redundancy in the power unit.

Technical Specifications –  

  • Cable Length
    • 300m All Conditions
    • 350 In Fair Weather
  • Cable Tension
    • 45kN Operational Mode
    • 30kN Walking Mode
  • Carriage Speed
    • 0 m/s Infinitely Variable to Max
    • 5 m/s Ramp Down Before Docking
  • Travel Wire Winch
    • Grooved Drum With Spooling
    • Dual Failsafe Brakes
    • Ø8mm Steel Wire Rope
    • 0 – 2.0 m/s
  • Support Wire Winch
    • Grooved Drum With Spooling
    • Dual Failsafe Brakes
    • Ø15mm Steel Wire Rope
    • 0 – 2.0 m/s

 Operating Conditions –

  • Wind – Up to 40kn (72 km/h)
  • Wind (Survival) – Up to 80kn (144 km/h)
  • Walking
    • Cable tension 30kN
    • Platform on 4 legs
  • Operational
    • Cable tension 45kN
    • Platform on 8 legs