Container – Workshop


The workshop container is modeled on a standard 6m shipping container.   The container can be configured to suit the client’s specific needs but generally comes fitted with roof vents and side louvres, windows and a lockable wooden door if required.

A section of the container is caged with shelves installed to allow for storage of tools and spare parts.   The container has small 220V DB installed along with electrical reticulation to supply lighting and a number of 15A plus outlets for power tools.

In addition, a 3-phase welding socket is fitted for power supply to a welding machine.   The container can be supplied as a fully self-sufficient unit or can be integrated into other infrastructure e.g. store rooms, control rooms, mobile offices.   


  • Lifting and rigging equipment.
  • Power tools.
  • General tools.
  • Welding and cutting equipment.
  • Electricians’ tools.
  • Workshop consumables.
  • Work bench c/w vice.

A fully detailed list of the above materials will be supplied in response to an RFQ for the unit such that a client can personalise the list with any alterations and or additions.