500 tph Scrubbing & Screening Plant


E-Bay Scrubbing & Screening and DMS Direct Tip

After the re-commissioning of Elizabeth Bay Mine in 2012, production ramped up following major changes optimizing process efficiency.

These projects not only made mining of the Southern Extension Resource feasible, but also lowered overall unit cost.   To further optimize the process, the material quality issues were to be addressed thereby increasing plant utilization.

The Main Treatment Plant Asset Optimization Project was undertaken by ADP Marine and Modular in conjunction with ADP Namibia.

The project included installing a scrubbing and screening plant at the front end of the Main Treatment Plant as well as the installation of a DMS Direct Tip.

The Scrubber Screening module consists of two, 2.6 m diameter, 7 m long scrubbers as well as two 6.7 m x 3 m Vibramech screens with a total capacity of 500tph.

The DMS Direct tip comprises a Samson Material Belt Feeder capable of receiving 200 – 300tph of already sized material which bypasses the front end of the E-Bay plant reporting directly to the DMS, further increasing the mines operational flexibility.

The implementation project kick-off December 2013 with the completion of C4 being achieved on the 17th December 2014.

Area:    Northern Coastal Mines