Container – Ablution


The ablution container is modeled on a standard 6m shipping container.

The container can be configured to suit the client’s specific needs but generally comes fitted with roof vents and side louvres, windows and lockable wooden door.

The container will be divided into cubicles and equipped with showers, toilets, basin and hot water geyser. Several mobile toilet facilities can be located in the site area, closest to the areas of work to minimise loitering of any personnel.

Due to the fact that neutralising waste in French draining facilities is difficult, chemical units can be installed.

The container can be supplied as a fully self-sufficient unit or can be integrated into other infrastructures e.g. store rooms, control rooms and mobile offices. 


  • 6m New steel store container in good condition.
  • Porcelain toilets in cubicles.
  • Urinal flush master.
  • Showers in cubicles with tray.
  • Hot water geyser (150 lt).
  • Porcelain or plastic hand-wash basins.
  • Rhino Flooring.
  • Entrance doors with rain gutter.
  • Windows (one in each toilet cubicle).
  • Whirly birds.
  • Wire brush, prime and paint exterior including roof.


Electrics:   Single 4ft diffused lights with switch, ready board and earth leakage.