ADP Kukama

ADP Group

Key Personnel

Viv Reyneke


Andrew Jakins


Steve Burks

Managing Director

Mmetla Masire

Non-executive Director

Mission & Vision

ADP Kukama is the Botswana based company predominantly executing projects for Debswana’s Jwaneng mine.

The partnership between ADP Holdings (SA) and Uniprojects (Botswana) has yielded a solid Botswana company in ADP Kukama.  Through the ADP/Lycopodium Groups, we have built capacities and capabilities for use in Botswana, by Batswanas.  Presently 95% of its staff are citizens. ADP Kukama procures as much as possible from service providers or goods suppliers within Botswana and preferably with good citizen credentials.

ADP Holdings is a South African company which owns a number of subsidiaries in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, such as Lycopodium ADP, ADP Marine & Modular, ADP Namibia and ADP Africa, known as the ADP Group.  The ADP Group undertakes engineering and project management services in the minerals sector.


Projects in progress and completed

  • Jwaneng Dam Wall Raising Study

    Drafting and compilation of the detailed study phase information and costing with implementation recommendations of the Dam 8 Wall Raising Project using the APW (Anglo Project Way) methodology and approach. Study Phase successfully completed and submitted to the client for further implementation starting 2015.

  • Scannex Project

    The intent of the Scannex project is to further improve the security measures at Debswana mines by introducing low dosage scanning to complement the existing search only methods

    The implementation team will comprise of the ADP Kukama construction management team and Debswana owners team.
    ADP Kukama will lead the construction management with the Debswana owners team providing the oversight and interface function for and on behalf of the mines.

  • Jwaneng Modular Treatment Plant

    Secondment to site to provide assistance in the optimization of the plant with specific focus and emphasis on the crusher circuit to improve on plant performance.

  • Jwaneng EMV Workshop Office Extension and Lift Installation Project

    The project was initiated in 2013 by Debswana PMO to address the growing shortage of office space in the EMV workshop and to improve accessibility of the handicapped.

    ADP Projects were engaged as the EPCM company to address the problems with ADP Kukama undertaking the construction management of the project.

    The project saw the addition of twelve offices, a boardroom, an open office, a strongroom and a lift.

    Architectural designs were done by LYT and Structural designs by Bateman Engineering.

    During construction, some more additional offices were constructed under the new office block following the Client’s request.