ADP Group

Key Personnel

Andrew Jakins

Managing Director

Toby Lambooy


Etienne Buhr


Francis Petersen

Non Executive Director

Mission & Vision


Perfectly geared to your Company needs, ADP Africa is a dynamic Client-driven Company providing specialist procurement, logistical, technical and support services in Africa and the rest of the world.

Operating from a strong foundation of ethics and core values incorporating Customer service, integrity, honesty, diversity, innovation and excellence. Striving for excellence in our attempt to maximize Shareholder value through best practice with our internal and external Stakeholders.



To be a Global Supplier of choice to our customers in the African market guaranteeing satisfaction thereby ensuring our success.

55tph Main DMS trailer and horse


ADP Africa Support & Services

ADP Africa is a dynamic, client-driven company with proven expertise and substantial resources to ensure competitive pricing and service delivery. Our commitment has resulted in unprecedented growth over the years with the skills and knowledge to supply and service our client requirements throughout Africa and beyond. ADP Africa has the contacts and infrastructure to handle all these requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. We have the technical expertise to recommend and procure the right product, the buying power to negotiate reasonable prices and the logistics experience to deliver to remote locations.

  • Procurement

    ADP Africa is the specialist in-house procurement division of the ADP Group with the ability to source across the globe, negotiate supply contracts to the benefit of our clients and ensure that you receive the right product, at the right price within the agreed service levels. Our service extends to the construction, energy, engineering and mining industry sectors for projects, exploration and operational concerns. The benefits are:

    • Economies of scale

    • Improved supplier management

    • Improved supplier selection

    • Elimination of procurement fraud & corruption

  • Warehousing

    ADP Africa offers specialist warehouse services and facilities for cargo receiving, storage, packing, crating, and cargo consolidations for construction projects and operational mines. The benefits are:
    • Economies of scale

    • Reduced damages and loss

    • Improved handling methods

    • Verification of supplies prior to acceptance

  • Logistics

    ADP Africa has first-hand experience in overcoming the logistical difficulties associated with remote sites and has extensive knowledge of the export statutory and transport regulations throughout Africa and internationally.

    We are experienced at moving all types of cargo from consolidations to abnormal loads sourced worldwide to any destination in Africa. The benefits are:

    • Economies of scale

    • Preferential rates

    • Flexibility in planning and service

    • Professional dedicated service

  • Africa Support services

    ADP Africa performs an array of support services for companies situated in isolated areas.
    • Specialist recruitment service sources potential employees, assist in the selection process and assumes responsibility for all procedures and documentation enabling new employees to assume their positions on-site.
    • Inspection and verification of goods pre-delivery and at time of delivery for quality, quantity and specification compliance through our in-house technical inspectors.
    • All-encompassing travel service takes care of travel arrangements, such as reservations, accommodation, transport, visas and work permits, etc.
    • ADP Africa offers Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese interpreting and translation services to staff while traveling, whether for personal or business reasons.
    • VIP service for client management teams arranging appointments, functions, accommodation, shopping, tours and whatever else is needed.
    • ADP Africa guarantees to bring you comprehensive professional medical services such as MEDIVAC, medical insurance products and healthcare products.
    • ADP Africa undertakes to meet every on-site staff need. No product or service need is too small, too personal or too obscure.